More cyclists are opting for motor-powered biking for an extra oomph on rides. The real advantages are being able to climb steep hills, manage wind and other terrain and ride for a longer range. Plus, they offer similar health and environmental benefits of traditional bicycles. While there are a wide range of benefits to buying an electric bike, there’s a few key areas to consider before you buy.

Due to the motor and battery, electric bikes are much heavier than standard road bikes. In fact, anything under 20kg is considered lightweight, and hybrid e-bikes (most of which come with front and rear suspension) tend to be heavier. When you’re looking to purchase an electric bike, consider how you’ll be using it.

A battery is the most costly part of the entire electric bike. Replacement batteries can be costly, but the good news is, they work for the long-run as long as they are properly stored and maintained. A lithium-ion battery—the most popular— will slowly degrade over time so be sure to read tips to extend your electric bike battery. Make sure that you optimize your use to charge ratio, one of the easiest ways to preserve your battery over time. You can also purchase an additional battery to have on hand if you’re going for a multi-day outdoor adventure.

An e-bike’s rechargeable battery is what affects the range. At full charge, most electric bikes can travel from 28 to 38 miles, but this also depends on the terrain and level of assistance. For instance, if you’re riding on flat terrain with low-intensity assistance, you will be able to ride for farther distances. An average rider could typically ride for an entire week on a single charge, while mountain bikers would likely use up a single charge on a half-day ride.

Price Point
Like most vehicles, electric bikes range in cost from under $1,000 to over $5,000. You can also increase the price point by purchasing bike accessories, like lights, pop-off pedal or additional batteries. In general, if you’re looking for an affordable investment, you can find an electric bike for a good price without sacrificing on quality.