ESWING ES-M13 Folding electric scooter


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Color: Black

  • Black
  • White

Tire: Honeycomb solid tire

  • Pneumatic tire
  • Honeycomb solid tire

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Get there faster than ever with the M13 scooter, now equipped with a more powerful motor capable of reaching 60 watts, enough to climb hills up to 16.
Now equipped with a more powerful motor capable of reaching 60 watts, enough to climb hills up to 16, or reach a top speed of 25 km/h.
You'll feel like you're flying!
The above parameters depend on external factors, such as load, terrain or wind.
The above parameters depend on external factors, such as load, terrain or wind, etc.
Up to 30 km on a single charge and in sleep mode
On the other hand, the large 7650mAh battery of the M13 scooter provides enough
On the other hand, the M13 scooter's large 7650mAh battery provides enough battery life to travel up to 30km on a single charge, and it also features a new mode.
It also features a new mode where Scooter3 will automatically enter "sleep mode" when the energy level falls below 30% for more than 1.5 days.
will automatically enter "sleep mode" to protect the battery and extend its
life span.
Visual effect, minimalist design, new 3-second folding system.
The M13 scooter has an elegant, simple and functional look, without any elements that get in the way of driving.
In this way, its aesthetic accentuates the minimalist structure in black.
In this way, its aesthetic accentuates the minimalist structure in black, made of sturdy low-density aluminum alloy for improved thermal conductivity and durability.
Made of sturdy, low-density aluminum alloy for improved thermal conductivity and durability.
The M13 scooter stays light (3.2 kg), which allows us to carry it while climbing stairs and throw it on the ground.
Carry it when climbing stairs, throw it in the trunk of your car or take it on the train.
The latter will also become easier thanks to a new folding system.
This system helped us to reduce its size considerably in just 3 seconds.
Regenerative braking (kers) with a dual system
Of course, the goal of great design goes far beyond simple aesthetics.
M13 also responds to safety standards when building electric scooters. In fact, in this model, it has made improvements to both hardware and software.
In fact, in this model, it has made improvements to both hardware and software that are fully compatible with
In fact, in this model, it has improved both the hardware and software of the scooter to fully comply with EN17128:2020 for light motor vehicles.
An example of this is the dual braking system, which has a disc brake on the rear wheel and an E-ABS.
A disc brake on the rear wheels and an E-ABS anti-lock system on the front wheels allow
braking distance to be significantly reduced
In addition, there is regenerative braking or KERS, which reduces the speed of the electric
speed of the scooter, converting some of its kinetic energy into electrical energy and storing it for future use.
This improves the emergency braking system and, at the same time, extends the battery life of the vehicle.
8.5-inch front and rear tires
In addition, Scooter3's 8.5" tires provide good shock absorption and can adapt to any type of road for a smoother ride.Adapts to any type of road for a smooth ride.

Model ES-M13
Motor 350W Burshless Motor
Color Black/White
Loading Capacity (kg) 130kg
Power (w) 350W
Optional Battery 36V 7.8Ah
LG battery 36V 9.6Ah 
Max climbing ≤20°
Maximum speed 25-30km/h
Wheel Size (inch) 8.5
N.W./ G.W. (kg) 12.1KG/15.2KG
Folding YES
Demision 1140*195*1140mm
Packing size 1160*215*500mm

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Battery life and build quality

This scooter is great test drove the scooter last night at 80 percent I’m 5’11 weight 220lbs did not stop riding it till battery was depleted to see how many miles I got. The whole time i had the scooter on regular sport mode with lights on and bottom led lights off. For someone weighing as much as I do I got around 12 miles of use before battery died. Scooter slows down significantly at around 12 percent stops rolling when you reach 8 percent. Very fun scooter to drive I bought it just to have fun and go to the store and mail office or I just sometimes just ride it for fun. Built quality is great love it. Get a lot of people asking about my scooter when I’m at a store. I’m making payments on the scooter so it’s affordable for me. I’m sure for someone that weighs less than me you can get more miles out of this. Top speed I’ve picked up this scooter to was about 20 miles when fully charge on red sport mode.

Perfect for short, relatively flat commute

As the title states, it gets the job done and is enjoyable. I have taken it around the neighborhood several times. It’s a real head turner and racks up smiles per gallon quickly.

Ringing the bell at non-scootering pedestrians while staring directly into their eyes is very satisfying. I like to think that it expresses dominance and superiority.

Despite its comparative large size when considering the earlier models, it does fit in the trunk of my Kia Stinger without any problems.

Great commuting scooter for any age!

2 week update:

I’ve put almost 100 miles on the scooter and I have some more info.

I’ve carried a lot of weight in groceries in Costco reusable bags on the handlebars. Literally about 30+ pounds. If you get the weight centered it won’t effect your steering.

My biggest annoyance to date is the speed restriction around 80%. The speed maxes out around 16 instead. It doesn’t sound like much but you can feel it. I wish you could turn that off and just use the extra battery. I have to charge it every single day even if I only go 4 or 5 miles because of this. I hate the effect on the battery and wish I could maintain top speed all the way to 0%.

I’ve taken this everywhere in lieu of a car. I even rode it to the movie theater and had it in front of my seat to see Star Wars.

I don’t mind going 6 or 7 miles one direction at all (12-14 round trip). It’s fast and responsive. I have my regenerative brake set to the max so it helps stop the scooter and it keeps me from having to use the hand brake much at all.

Be careful with cars since people don’t pay attention and going 18 mph puts you at a lot of risk since people don’t expect you to be going that fast.

I absolutely love this scooter and just think some minor improvements would make it even better. Luckily, software updates could fix the speed restriction if they’d let it.

So far, I’m totally loving this scooter! There are tons of good things about it. I bought it to travel around the city and to keep from having to buy another car with all its costs. I will be driving this 1 mile to and from work everyday, to the grocery stores, and to events/friends.

I will give an initial list of things I like and I’ll add to this review in a week or so.

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ESWING ES-M13 Folding electric scooter

Black / Honeycomb solid tire
Black / Honeycomb solid tire
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