We all know and love bike tours, but did you know you can get more out of your adventures with an e-bike? And while organized tours are cool, you might enjoy planning your own. A good idea and a good friend joining you will do. Here are a few ideas to inspire your next journey

1. Get Outside Your Comfort Zone

Next time the weather is perfect, take advantage of the cool breeze by visiting that cute small town nearby. Take in your surroundings while sipping on a local favorite drink at a café and chatting with the locals. Maybe they’ll share their favorite spot to read a book or suggest a local u-pick farm. Imagine returning home with beautiful flowers or inspiration for your next adventure!


2. Make Plans to Get Lost

Try an adventure that prioritizes seclusion and enjoying your surroundings. Decide on an ideal environment and let that guide you. Bike alongside the river and enjoy its calming sounds, navigate through a dense forest while listening to the sounds of birds above, or pedal through a meadow of flowers and enjoy the sun’s warmth.


3. Take on the Mountain

If you’re looking for something to get your adrenaline pumping, look no further than mountain biking! The pedal assist makes the sport more accessible so you can focus on getting out there and enjoy a fast-paced adventure.


4. Take a Themed Tour in Your Neighborhood

You might know the streets like a local, but have you explored them like a tourist? Plan an e-bike tour to for adventure and inspiration. If you want some extra novelty, add a theme! Themed tours often focus on things like local breweries and history that you can center your day around. Hop on your e-bike to a tourist for the day and look for a fresh perspective.


5. Bring the Family with You to a Picnic!

Bike trailers are an excellent option to bring along the little ones, but that can be exhausting on a standard bike. The e-bike's pedal assist eliminates this barrier and creates more opportunities for bonding, like a picnic!


6. Add Adventure to Your Daily Routine

Schedule your e-bike rides around the sunset and sunrise. Use your e-bike to commute while watching the sunrise, or catch the sunset on your way home.


7. Camping Under the Stars Anyone?

If you’re one for spontaneity, bring a few camping essentials with you for a spontaneous night away. Of course, you can always make this a part of your plans for the day, but the e-bike allows you to have this kind of flexibility.