The correct operation method for scooters is for those who use scooters or skateboarders or who are about to buy scooters, so that you can learn more about the maintenance and safe use of scooters when you use them, and bring more travel and life to your trip. Fun, so you can be safe and fast when using the balance car.

Here's how to use the balance car and peacetime maintenance.

Tools: Scooter, Scooter Charger and Charging Cable, Scooter Starter Key

First of all, when using a scooter, first check if the scooter is fully charged, and whether the four wheels are fixed properly. If there is no problem with the power supply, you can skateboard.

When using the skateboard, you must turn it on first, then gradually Place your left foot in the middle third of the pedal, then slowly slide forward, push the right foot backwards, then place your right foot in front of the rear wheel of the pedal.

In the second place, this is where you need to shake the body to grasp the direction of the balance car, and at the same time control the body's balance car while sliding through the body. The scooter slowly moves forward under the control of the body.

How to maintain when using:

First of all, the bottom of the scooter is maintained. During the driving process, the energy part of the battery at the bottom of the skateboard cannot be hit by a hard object, which will cause damage to the power pack.

At the same time, pay attention to the link line and charging interface of the battery pack to ensure travel. Do not touch the water source, so as not to cause unnecessary problems, bring trouble to your travel.

Regularly clean and clean the scooter with a rag to develop a good habit; if the key does not open the scooter properly when using it, you can simply lighten the key and try again. If not, please contact us in time. The manufacturer replaces the key or consults the manufacturer to solve it.

This is a problem with the internal power supply system of the key, but it is much more convenient if you understand the knowledge of the electronic.

Their maintenance and basic usage are similar for different scooters, but the maintenance is more for the battery part, that is, the bottom of the skateboard, the maintenance of several important parts such as the axle and the motor.

Of course, this is only for the simple four-wheeled scooter. Use, for other scooters,

Such as: folding skateboards, three-wheeled skateboards, power-assisted skateboards, etc., you need to carry out regular maintenance and maintenance of the corresponding maintenance manual of the product,

Remember: important protection, axles, motors, chassis, etc. The part, because this is the part that is most directly in contact with the force, it should be maintained regularly to ensure that it can be used smoothly during use and does not affect your travel.