Electric scooters bring many exciting new advantages into a person's life such as saving money at the gas station, portable transportation, and easier commuting. However, there are electric scooter riders out there who are taking their first rides and still learning the in's and outs of their e-scooter. ESwing wanted to help those riders out by telling them how to avoid common mistakes that a lot of first time riders make.

5. Not Wearing a Helmet

One of the most prevalent errors in e-scooter riding, most commonly seen on rental scooter riders, is not wearing a helmet or any form of protective gear. Most of ESwing's line-up of adult electric scooters have a max speed between 15.5mph to 20mph in max speeds.

However, even going 10mph while not wearing a helmet is a risk. ESwing recommends at a minimum to have a helmet, which can be found on our website, most large retail stores, Amazon and local bike shops. The next step would be knee and elbow pads to protect your joints and help handle the impact in case of an accident. 

4. Storing Your Electric Scooter Outside

Temperature extremes, moisture, or being exposed to the elements for prolonged periods of time will be detrimental to the electric scooter and electronics within it but the battery is the most critical part to protect. A damaged battery can lead to the electric scooter becoming unusable. Ideally, your electric scooter should be stored in cool, moderate climate indoors.

It can be okay to store your electric scooter in a garage but keep an eye on temperatures for cold spells and heat waves so you can bring your e-scooter inside when needed.

3. Riding Recklessly 

People must treat others on the road and sidewalks with respect. A lot of electric scooter riders get a bad rap because of poor behavior from rental scooter riders and inexperienced riders. Stop for stop signs and red lights, the light is red for a reason don't save two minutes at the risk of injury.

Be patient it will be your turn to go or the light will turn green eventually. Don't take your scooter off curbs, jumps, etc...it is not designed for stunt work and excessive forced impacts can damage the tiller, and strain the rims of your e-scooter. With great electric scooter power, comes great road responsibility. 

2. Overcharging/Charging your Electric Scooter Overnight

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Charging your electric scooter should take no more than 4-6 hours. Don't charge overnight, charging the battery overnight can decrease the batteries lifespan. If you don't use your electric scooter for prolonged periods of time, most likely in winter, we still recommend to charge it every other week and power it on.

Treat it like a car battery, having it sit for too long and it will lose its charge. ESwing Customer Service states that when disconnecting your charger, take it from the wall first, the the product. When connecting your charger to your electric scooter, connect it to the scooter first then to the wall.