Electric scooters are a convenient, portable, and inexpensive method of private transport. Many countries do not require a license or insurance to ride a kick scooter, nor will you need to pay for parking, which makes them a budget-friendly alternative to a car when commuting.

But how do you choose the Best suitable e-Scooter for yourself? You know some scooters sell at USD299, some sell at USD599 and some even USD899 or even more. How can I choose from so many eScooters? Here are some key points for you.

Firstly, you need to know there are several important specification for a eScooter. Max speed, Motor Power and Battery Capacity, Suspension.

Max speed is very important and sensitive if you use electric scooter in a city. EU and China requires 25km/h while Germany requires Max 20km/h and , France, Japan requires 24km/h. But USA does not have clear requirement. Some cities allow Max 32km/h (20 miles/h) which is much faster than other countires.

Motor Power is also interesting. In the past, Europe requires E-bikes at 250W Max but Germany increases motor power upto 500W. Maybe they realized that 250W motor is too weak to climb hills. USA has no specific rules for motor power. It is better to consult your local tranffic regulations if you want to know more details. As an experience, I recommend 500W or above because it is a smart way to protect your scooters. Small motor could not drive a heavier