It's every electric bike owners worst nightmare. You get out of work or class to find that your main form of transportation has been stolen. This leaves you without a ride and a sizable hole in your wallet. However, ESWING is here to tell you some of the tips and tricks you can use to avoid e-bike theft. 


This one seems to be the most obvious choice. Just grab a standard bike lock from your local sports equipment store or bike shop. However, in todays day and age that one lock usually doesn't cut it anymore. We recommend grabbing at least two bike locks. Ideally, the locks are two different types and materials so it is harder for someone to cut through and take your e-bike. Be sure to lock these in critical areas around your ride such as the frame and through tire spokes. We like a u-lock/bike wire or chain combination since it is often the most effective. If you have a long enough wire/chain you can weave it through multiple parts of the tire and frame. The more inconvenient it is for someone to steal it the less likely they are going to. Furthermore, when locking your bike up in public on a bike rack or post be sure it is in a well-lit and moderate to heavily traveled area. Try to switch up the place you lock your bike up as well so you don't fall into a routine a potential thief could follow. This method for locking up your electric bike also helps prevent electric scooter theft so you can keep all your personal electric vehicles protected. 


This is the only 100% certain way you won't lose your e-bike, is to have it with you wherever you are going. This may be a bit conflicting depending on what model of e-bike you have which can make it a real pain to try to bring inside. However, we have a solution for that as well. We offer a few foldable frame e-bikes such as the BIKE11 which conveniently folds its frame down to 29.5" x 15.7" x 25.6" so you can tuck it underneath your desk at work or at the back of the classroom. Take your bike with you as often as possible. 


There are dozens of different e-bike groups throughout the vast social media landscape from Facebook to Reddit and even ESWING's Official Discord Server that are filled with first time riders, enthusiasts, and life-time experts ready to help you out. Share your favorite moments when you're out on rides and coordinate meet-ups. It also provides a space to post about a potentially stolen e-bike that with the help of a few folks can get it back. Remember to ride safe, always wear a helmet and ride together!