How much do you know about the safety of children's electric scooters?


Safety knowledge of skateboarding


● Adjust the wheels to make them work freely.


● Adjust the elasticity of the cushion with a lock nut.


● Regularly fill the bearings with oil to reduce the sliding resistance.


● Beginners should slide on a slope with a small angle of inclination and gradually change the slope.


● Do not slide on wet or rough roads.


● Replace parts should be the same size as the original parts.


Riding scooter safety equipment




A quality helmet is your most important safety device. We are sure that if you don't wear a helmet when riding a scooter, the sprain and sprain can recover quickly, but the damage to your head will greatly affect your future life.


●protective shoes


It must be pointed out that the shoes must be wear-resistant and durable, and the parts must be worn without discomfort. Most sports shoes are very suitable for scooter sports, sandals and high-heeled shoes are the most suitable for scooter sports.


● knee pads


The most significant invention for knee pads is the invention of plastic knee pads. In addition to this there are many good knee pads, it is better to wear any knee pads than to wear knee pads.




Scooter gloves come in many shapes and sizes. Some people in the US and Japan use motorcycle gloves but scooter gloves, and some gardening gloves. The ideal gloves are both hand-held and protect you. hurt. Don't look back at the gloves here, some of them are light and beautiful.




Like the knee pads, the wristbands with plastic caps are the best mutual wrists, and there are many alternatives that have the same function.