Electric scooters come in different ranges, models, and that’s for a reason. they are fast enough to be ridden by a person, fun to use and can be found almost everywhere. Just as much this electric scooter brings a smile to people’s face, you may decide to buy for your kids and love ones. It’s about time to have your first ride on the new e-scooter, but before you start having fun with the electric scooter, have you tried going the importance of safety? Do you know what to do to protect yourself from danger? Electric scooters can run at a speed of 15 mph or more when navigating through roads that are full of potholes, it can be dangerous if not careful. Let’s go through the rules

Ride Solo

Running at a high speed is not advised, you know why? You might be unable to control yourself when you fall into a bump so leading to serious injury, why don’t you opt for a solo ride? it makes it easier to control your speed even if you jump into potholes. Electric scooters are designed to handle one rider at a time. If you have many kids that wish to ride the electric scooter, you can send a time limit so that each of them can take turns on the scooters. But instead of taking turns on an electric scooter, you can take the bold step of buying another one so that they can have fun at length.

When more than one individual is controlling the steering, focus and the direction in which the scooter should go. It’s a warning for danger ahead. Response time is slower when you want an electric scooter to fulfil the need of yourself and the other partner riding. In order to follow the safety procedure, make the electric scooter a property of one rider.


In some countries, it’s a breach of law to allow underage riders to ride a scooter without a helmet. Although it’s not a legal requirement for grown-up adults to use and it’s strongly advised they wear one. Law regarding electric scooters and other micro-vehicles varies from time to time in the best interest of the rider; ensure you are updated regularly about the changes in the rules and regulation when it comes to scooter safety. Helmets are very important just like bicycle and motorcycle, there is always a probability that collision might occur, to protect your body especially your head, you need a helmet and other safety gear. Make sure you use your helmet at all times; it’s just non-negotiable.

This also goes for elbow pads and knee pads for the safety of your children. For those using an electric scooter for the first time, it is a good idea to include it as a requirement to protect you from any bruises or fall. Long pants, gloves and a long-sleeved shirt are recommended. Users should also put on athletic shoes well laced up with good rubber soles. Never ride an electric scooter with barefoot or sandals. For more experienced riders, it’s unlikely they fall off a scooter but in the case of unknown scenarios, a helmet should be used to protect yourself. Children are fearless when it comes to any wheeled device, so give them protective gear so that they can have fun and are protected at the same time.


When there is a clear path, it’s easier to use an electric scooter. Whether the path is a driveaway, on the pavement or in a parking lot, ensure no obstacles is blocking the path. The electric scooter is designed to be used on a horizontal and dry surface such as level ground without any loose debris, such as running stones, leaves, sand or gravel. Wet roads are likely to cause traction and may lead to an accident.

You can’t possibly control your surroundings but first-time riders should practice in their house before they feel comfortable trying other places. Even steering their scooter down the lane, there are still plenty of things that can serve as obstacles; animals crossing unnecessary, pedestrians and other riders not paying attention without following the road rules and regulations.

There are some areas you are not permitted to ride, riders should check their country law as regards the use of electric scooters. When going home, tell your kids to be alert of any obstacles they might find on their way. A better ride is achieved when you have a smooth pathway.