Riding an electric scooter precisely is a piece of cake when conditions are perfect. However, when it comes to the electric scooter riding experience in the winter, everything changes. Suddenly, everything becomes more laborious and more difficult. Walking alone is difficult when its icy outside, never mind trying to control any type of vehicle, but you don’t have to stop riding in the winter, we can help with a few tips.

As you are aware, the conditions are quite different. So, we can’t behave like we are riding in summer. Humidity is higher, and visibility is lower, roads are dangerous, and so on. You know all that, I’m sure. But here’s something else. Other participants, and by that, I mean drivers, in numerous situations don’t expect anyone to ride their e scooters in such a dreadful condition. because of that, their driving decisions are in some cases by instinct, and that could be a problem for you if you are not careful.  Either way, some steps must be taken, and maintenance must be more intense and more regular.

You should always use the right tires, whether it be riding off road scooters, in the city streets, or in the winter. Tires are the only thing in between you and the surface. Be sure that those tires are safe enough and meant for the type of road you’re riding on. Tire tread must be for winter, and the shape isn’t the only important thing, it is also crucial for a tire to be soft enough. In low temperatures tires must be soft because they will be stable enough to not slip.

Before you decide to set out after checking you have proper tires, you should check your battery. Make sure your e scooter is fully charged, if you must charge your battery make sure you bring it somewhere above 5 degrees Celsius.

After every ride, your scooter will be filthy. You should clean everything before letting it rest. It’s as simple as that. You have all kinds of products at your disposal that can help you with that. for example, there is a spray you can use on all steel parts to prevent corrosion, or at least slow it down. Furthermore, there is grease for battery maintenance you can use to prevent water or moisture from entering the wire area. You can use water, of course, but be careful. You must know that your electric scooter can be water-resistant, but it’s not waterproof. Only submerge waterproof parts. Electronic parts can be only resistant in some ways.

We have arrived at the point where we must put a question mark on ourselves. there’s no point to all this if we have an unsuitable riding style.

So, what happens if your riding style is the same as in the summer?

I can tell you what will happen, you’ll crash. right away. What we must do is change it, just like our tires or clothes. we need to adapt to current conditions. but don’t worry, this isn’t nuclear physics, just something we must apply and respect. Make sure to ride steady, don’t do sudden movements or aggressive maneuvers. Ride defensively, expect others to make mistakes and correct other people’s mistakes. Try not to hit potholes, you can lose your balance even quicker due to any ice on the road.

When I want to ride in the winter, my first thought is how cold is outside? What do I have to put on and is there any wind? Those kinds of things. It’s not enough only to only follow electric scooter winter tips to protect your precious machine.  You need to protect yourself as well. Riding an electric scooter in snow requires an appropriate outfit. When my destination is just 15 minutes away, sometimes I get on my e-scooter without gloves or a windproof jacket, you may not freeze to death during that time, but you can get wind burns from the severe cold. Not to mention, if you’re not protecting your hands while riding you can put yourself at risk to crash into something. Think of it like this, go outside, and sick your hand in a snowbank for a few minutes, not only does it cause pain after a few minutes, but you lose dexterity. Meaning it’ll be hard to close your hand enough to pull the lever to brake. To prevent this, cycling gloves are perfect. Those are windproof and thin. You can operate brakes and the throttle smoothly. Respecting all tips regarding outfit and electric scooters in the winter is crucial if you want to be healthy and safe on your off-road electric scooter.

I am going to be honest with you. It’s not a smart decision to ride all day around on ice and in dreadful weather in general. The exact electric scooter winter riding time is relevant. for one thing, riding conditions are hazardous, and for another, you don’t want to become an ice statue after a whole day on your electric scooter, riding between cars is risky and if you are doing that for hours, that could be dangerous. Just go out and ride where you need to be, and that’s it. If you want to have fun for a more extended period. go off-road or on some tracks. However, look out for the range, your batteries range will drop in cold weather.

Since we mentioned brakes, braking distance increases by 20% during the winter season. To account for this change in conditions, we recommend tightening your brakes slightly. This minor adjustment compensates for the slight increase in stopping distance, making your ride a lot safer. You should also inspect your brakes and check that they’re in top condition. You want them to perform at their best exactly when you need them. 

Whether it’s driving a car, going for a walk, or riding a bike, everything requires extra consideration during the winter. There is plenty to consider with an e-scooter, and it starts with making sure it’s suitable for icy conditions. After that, you want to ensure you’re steering safely while also using the correct equipment. Once you’ve ticked all these boxes, you can head out there with confidence.