The design of the two-wheel self-balancing electric vehicle mainly has the following characteristics:

Green. Electric vehicles are powered by batteries, which are completely pollution-free, absolutely green and environmentally friendly, and can be used repeatedly. In addition, the motor has high operating efficiency and low noise and high efficiency, so it not only reduces noise pollution, but also saves energy.

The turning radius is very small, basically close to zero. This is very suitable for use in a small space. For example: large shopping malls, intestinal trails, talent market, workshops, etc.

No brake system, the angular velocity signal is detected by the gyroscope and the angular signal is detected by the accelerometer, and then the accurate angle signal of the two-wheel electric balance car is obtained by fusion, and finally transmitted to the single-chip computer, so that the PWM module of the single-chip machine controls the positive and negative motors of the two-wheel electric balance car turn. This not only avoids waste of energy, but also avoids wear on the brake pads.

The control is extremely convenient. The forward and backward and running speed of the two-wheel electric balance car can be changed only by the forward and backward tilt of the body, which is more convenient and flexible than the traditional car.

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