First, appearance

  Choose a good charger to look at the appearance first, the shell is solid, the power cord is thick, especially the thick part of the plug is appropriate. Secondly, there are no relevant quality certifications for the chargers, such as 3C certification, the quality inspection bureau's testing qualification number, etc. Look at the charger's manufacturer's name, contact information, factory date, etc.

Second, see if the charger matches the electric balance scooter.

 1. Determine the battery voltage V and battery capacity Ah of the electric balance car, or the output voltage and output current of the original charger.

  2. Look at the type of battery, install the lithium battery and the electric balance car with lead-acid battery, even if other voltage and capacity parameters are the same, you can't choose the same charger. The lithium battery has a special charger.

  3. Determine the positive and negative polarity of the charger interface for electric balance car. There are four kinds of interfaces that are more common in the market: T-type heads, three vertical heads, middle cross heads, and round heads.