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1, What is a motor?


A: The motor is the part that transforms the battery power into mechanical energy to drive the wheel rotation of the electric vehicle.



 2. What is a magnet and steel?


Answer: generally used to call magnetic materials with high magnetic field strength, electric motors use nedFeB rare earth magnetic steel.


 3, What is a brush motor?


A: When the motor works, the coil and the commutator rotate, the magnetic steel and the carbon brush do not turn, and the alternating change of the coil current direction is completed by the phase exchanger and brush rotating with the motor. In the electric vehicle industry, the brush motor is divided into high speed brush motor and low speed brush motor. There are many differences between brushmotor and brushless motor, from the name that some brush motor has carbon brush, and brushless motor has no carbon brush.


 4, What is a brushless motor?


A: The controller provides DC power in different current directions to achieve the alternating change of the coil current direction in the motor. There is no brush and phase converter between the rotor and stator of the brushless motor.


How does the 5, motor achieve a phase change?


A: When the brushless or brushless motor rotates, the power-on direction of the coil in the motor needs to be changed alternately, so that the motor can rotate continuously. The replacement of the brush motor is completed together by the phase converter and the brush, and the brushless motor is completed by the controller.


 6, What is a missing phase?


A: One of the three-phase circuits of a brushless motor or a brushless controller does not work. Lack phase separation master phase deficiency and Hall missing phase. It is that the motor jitter does not work, or weak rotation and high noise. The controller works easily burned out of phase.


What are the common types of 7, motors?


Answer: Common motors are: brush gear hub motor, brush toothless hub motor, brushless gear hub motor, brushless gear hub motor, side hanging motor, and so on.


 How does the 8, distinguish between high and low-speed motors from the type of motors?


Answer: A brushless gear hub motor, brushless gear hub motor belongs to high-speed motor; B brushless wheel hub motor, brushless gear hub motor belongs to low-speed motor.