The self-balancing scooter is called "puzzle movement" in medicine.


Experts say: Long-term riding self-balancing scooter can exercise balance and nerve reflex ability well, Besides, the shoulders, ridges, legs, and wrists are well trained to enhance skill of the body flexibility.


The experts made it clear that the average energy consumption of driving balancing scooter for 30 minutes is 285 calories, and for the 30 minutes of the S-type is 900 calories. 

This is equivalent to the calories consumed for one hour of running, so 0.5-2 hours per day will be taken. 

When you practice it you can relax at work and study, reduce stress and keep away from obesity.       It can also allow more teenagers to stay away from the Internet and indulge in the network, thus enhancing physical fitness and immunity.  

Increased physical balance, coordination and flexibility, as well as the ability to develop independence, are very helpful and effective.


If you have a hunchback, it will get a lot of changes when using the balancing scooter, because the body should be kept straight and the muscles should be relaxed when driving,  so that it will be used well when used.



Do not drive on the motorway;

Safety measures are required when using a balancing scooter;

You need to check whether the power is sufficient before go outside, and whether it is turned on normally;

Regular maintenance and maintenance of the scooter is required during use, which will make it more convenient for your next use.