Lithium batteries provide a lot of convenience for humans' smart life, whether it is mobile phones, computers, power banks, or electric scooters, electric balance vehicles, electric sweeping robots, and electric vehicles, all of which use lithium-ion batteries as a power source. As long as good quality control is carried out in the manufacturing process, reasonable design and reliable protection circuits in the product, and the use of lithium battery products in a prescribed safe environment, the risks of lithium batteries can be avoided and can be safely and effectively provided Motivation, work for humanity.


As early as January 29, 2016, based on numerous safety accidents of electric balance vehicles or scooters, there was a related safety standard outline UL2272 for electric balance vehicles or scooters. It is proposed for the first time that the protection circuit of the lithium battery of an electric balance car or a scooter needs to verify its functional reliability, to ensure that the lithium-ion battery is working in its normal working range, and to prevent overcharging, overdischarging or high temperature work from happening, so as to effectively Improved safety.


In addition, UL2272 puts forward complete structural and material requirements for electric balance scooter products, checks the product's fire protection ability from the selection of parts and materials in the early stage, and designs a series of electrical tests, mechanical tests, environmental tests, and component tests. Improve the safety of the product. On November 21, 2016, the first edition of UL2272 was officially released and was authorized as the national standard of the United States and Canada. The scope of the standard not only covers electric balance bikes, but also extends to electric scooters, electric skateboard shoes, etc. Personal mobile device.

Starting from February 18, 2016, CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) requires that electric balance vehicles entering the United States must meet the UL2272 standard certification requirements. With the implementation of the certification, the fire accidents of electric balance vehicles or scooters in the US market have dropped significantly.


Therefore, from the perspective of consumers, AMB Testing recommends that buyers should first pay attention to whether personal mobile equipment products such as electric balance bikes and electric scooters are affixed with UL holographic laser labels and UL upgraded logos or other authoritative agency certification marks. At the same time, choose to buy products with complete product identifications (including manufacturer name, address, product name, model, safety warnings, etc.), and do not buy three-no products.