Some parts that are very important to safety are easy to check, and you can perform daily checks at home.


1. Tires


If there is a problem with the electric scooter tires, the delay time is a small matter, and it is a big trouble to endanger safety. Therefore, tires need to be checked regularly in daily life.


The first is to check whether the tire pressure is normal. The operation is simple, the tire is obviously sunken when the person is sitting, indicating that the tire is out of air. If you have an air pressure detection instrument at home, you can use the instrument for more accurate detection. If the air pressure is detected to be less than 2.0 atmospheres, you can pump up.


Secondly, check the degree of wear and aging of the tires. If you find that the depth of the tread is significantly shallower, the tread has serious wear such as cracks and bulges, or the tread is aging, such as hardened or cracked treads, you need to go to a specialty store to check whether the fetus needs to be replaced.


2. Brake


The importance of the brakes is self-evident. Checking the brakes can be carried out according to the following steps.


First, squeeze it. Hold the steering wheel with both hands, brake left and right, and push the electric scooter forward and backward at the same time. When the brake is normal, the wheels do not rotate at this time.


The second step is to relax. When the handle is released, the brake system that is operating normally will quickly reset. Finally, take a turn. Turn the speed control handle, the motor will brake after running, and under normal circumstances, the motor can be powered off immediately.


If problems are found during the above three-step inspection, it is recommended that you ask professional staff to conduct inspections as soon as possible.


3. Lighting and speakers


Lights and speakers are also very important for electric scooter bicycles. The headlight is the lighting tool for night bicycles, and the speaker is a signal to remind pedestrians to evacuate and warn.


The inspection of the lighting and the horn is simple. Turn on the light, see if the lighting is normal, press the horn, and listen to the sound. Especially when you go out at night, these two must not be forgotten.


These parts of the electric scooter need to be checked regularly!


4. Other


In addition, some parts mainly need to be inspected with the naked eye. For example, check whether the frame is deformed, whether the rim is deflected, and whether the charger power cord is worn. Although simple, it is necessary to develop a good habit of checking regularly.


Daily inspection is to prevent problems before they happen. If a problem is found, it must be repaired immediately, and the problem must not be ignored for fear of trouble. Now Luyuan has launched a 24-hour road rescue service, which can provide users with vehicle maintenance and road rescue services 24 hours a day, 3

Respond within minutes and arrive within 30 minutes.