In the Lie Winter Festival, the weather is getting colder, and our friends who ride electric bikes may feel that in winter, electric bikes will not run far, or that they will not run as far as before.


Many friends first thought of the battery and wondered if the battery is out of order, so they ran to replace it with a new battery, and the sellers of electric vehicles or repairers of electric vehicles are eager to want you to replace the battery. They know it can be done with a few tricks. Solve the problem that electric cars can't run far in winter, but they generally don't say that, you know. Today, we will explain to you how to maintain and maintain the battery so that your electric car can still run far in winter.

Here are the five electric vehicles and battery maintenance tips to share with you:


First, the charging time of electric vehicles in winter should be controlled within 6-10 hours, preferably not more than ten hours.

Except for the first time a new battery needs to be charged for 9-10 hours, usually two-wheeled electric bicycles can be charged for 6-8 hours at a time, and electric tricycles can be charged for 9-11 hours (10-12 hours for the first charge).


That is, in summer, we charge it for 4-6 hours, but in winter it is a bit longer, but generally not too long.



Second, control the battery power. It is most suitable to charge when the battery has 20-30% remaining.


Many friends think that electric vehicles need to be charged frequently, and charge them when you don't ride too far. This will cause the battery to be charged too frequently and damage the battery.


There are some friends who wait until the electric car is almost used up before charging, which will damage the battery even more.


The correct charging method is: when the battery power remaining 20-30%, charging is most suitable.


Third, if electric vehicles are not used for a long time, they must be charged once a month.

Some friends leave their electric cars in the garage for a long time, even if they haven't been riding them for a few months, and they don't pay attention to them. That would hurt the car.


When the electric car is not used for a long time, the car will also consume electricity if it is not used. Don't let the battery be too hungry. Otherwise, waiting for the battery to run out for a long time, and it will be in a state of power loss, which will cause the sulfuric acid of the battery to oxidize, which will greatly damage the battery. So even if the car is not in use, it must be charged once a month.


Fourth, maintain a good charging environment and eliminate potential safety hazards.

The charging of electric vehicles should be placed in the charging place designated by the community. Do not charge at home, otherwise it will be dangerous. Don't charge it in a damp and unventilated place, as there are also safety risks.


Therefore, it is recommended that electric vehicle charging be carried out in a designated safe place, kept in a ventilated, dry, and mild environment without direct sunlight.


Fifth, cultivating good riding habits is good for electric vehicles and batteries.

Riding habits have a great impact on electric bicycles and batteries. For example, don’t overload the bicycle. Overloading not only damages the motor but also the battery.


Also, when the electric vehicle starts or goes uphill, don't start too hard, start softly, it's best to use the pedal to help, too much too fast, causing instant current, will affect. Therefore, start slowly, accelerate slowly, rotate in a balanced manner, and do not twist to the end at once to avoid excessive current consumption and rapid power consumption.


The above five battery maintenance skills and riding habits depend on everyone's usual knowledge of electric vehicle maintenance. At the same time, it is necessary to realize that in winter, electric vehicles run less mileage than in summer, which is normal. Generally, the temperature drops. At one point, the battery capacity dropped by about 1%, and the mileage dropped by nearly 1 km.



So, when you understand the above maintenance knowledge and skills, don't rush to change the battery. It is also good for your car and battery life.