How to maintain small electric vehicles with disc brakes on a daily basis?

1. Develop good riding habits

Many users like quick braking, and this habit is not good for the user's own safety or the braking system. Because the effect of the disc brake is better, it is easy to lock the tires. In this case, the user is likely to lose balance and fall; for the brake pads, frequent sudden braking will cause excessive wear, and when emergency braking is really needed Failure of the brake pads can be very dangerous. Therefore, you should develop good habits when using the brakes, do not ride too fast, reduce the number of rapid braking, and try to brake as slowly as possible.


2. Regularly check and replace the brake cable and brake pads

Because the brake wire will lose its elasticity or wear due to long-term operation, brake pads (also known as pads) are one of the parts that are easy to wear. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly check the wear of these two components. Generally speaking, the brake pads can be used normally for about 6 months to 1 year in daily use, and the brake wires must be replaced if they are damaged.