The safety campaign for electric scooters has been launched to remind riders of safe riding rules before Christmas holidays

During the launch of the Neuron electric scooter Christmas safety event in Newcastle city centre, Laila Pires dressed up as Santa
Leila Pires dressed up as Santa Claus at the Neuron electric scooter Christmas safety event held in the heart of Newcastle (Image source: Newcastle Chronicle)
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Santa Claus traditionally uses reindeer and sleigh to move around, but now he is found galloping in the centre of Newcastle.

According to the Newcastle electric scooter manufacturer, during the festival, more people use electric scooters, and they are less familiar with or unwilling to follow the rules and safety guidelines.

Neuron Mobility, which owns more than 250 electric scooters in Newcastle, said this may lead to increased parking, drinking and riding, and people not wearing helmets-although this is not mandatory, it is highly recommended.

Failure to comply with safety guidelines can pose a huge risk to riders and the public.

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This is why the company launched the festive ScootSafe event in Newcastle to remind riders of safe riding rules before Christmas holidays and New Year’s Eve.

Neuron's safety ambassador, Santa Claus and his safety elves were in Newcastle city centre on Tuesday to remind users of the rules of safe riding and make sure they ride responsibly this Christmas.

Riders have the opportunity to participate in a short safety briefing and receive holiday rewards, such as free points for future riding.

It takes less than five minutes to complete and will give participants the knowledge and confidence to safely drive Neuron electric scooters.

Throughout December, "safety wizards" will also appear in large numbers throughout the city, and will contact riders and the public to educate and emphasize the rules of neurons and the highest safety guidelines for riding electric scooters.

In order to strengthen the safety of Newcastle, the company has produced a series of videos that will be promoted on social media and cover safety recommendations.

This includes not riding on sidewalks, parking responsibly, prohibiting drunk riding, and urging riders to wear helmets.

Neuron also launched a new motivating how to ride video that covers the basics of riding a Neuron electric scooter through the safety center of the app.

During Christmas, the company will also donate free monthly passes to local charities and public welfare undertakings to help their volunteers move around the city and continue to do the great work they have done.

In Newcastle, Neuron donated a monthly pass to People's Kitchen.

Neuron's electric scooter has the world's first helmet lock controlled by an app, which can fix the safety helmet on the electric scooter and release it electronically for use at the beginning of the reservation.

Other safety features include "follow my journey", which allows riders to share their journey with friends and family in real time to increase safety and peace of mind; and a 999 emergency button that can determine if someone has fallen and then help them call emergency services .

George Symes, Regional Manager of Neuron, said: "Our electric scooters provide a great way to visit Newcastle, but it is important that the rider is responsible for this Christmas and not complacent.

"We take this opportunity to remind our riders to pay attention to the rules of safe riding and invite the public to participate in our festival safe riding activities to learn more about responsible riding.

"It is expected that more people will go out during the Christmas holidays and enjoy themselves in Newcastle. We remind all riders never to ride under the influence of alcohol, do not ride on the sidewalk, park responsibly, and please wear our electronic equipment Helmet provided on board.-Scooter.