Do you know the 18650 Li Battery for electric scooter?


1. About the life of the 18650 ternary battery:


Lithium battery life is expressed in the industry by the number of charge and discharge cycles. The regular name is “charge and discharge cycle”, which is not equal to “charge times”. The cycle refers to the battery from full charge to use light. This is a cycle if you The battery is fully charged, using one-tenth of the power, and then full. This is a very ten-cycle, so charging 10 times is basically a cycle. Similarly, from full power, use half and then fill, then use half to refill, this is also a cycle, then you are charged twice. Therefore, the loop only depends on "how much electricity is discharged from the battery", and it is not directly related to the "number of times of charging".


Moreover, this nominal number of charge and discharge cycles is not said to be useless, but after so many cycles, the battery's ability to store power will drop to a certain extent.


The life of imported batteries in the market is generally longer than that of domestic batteries. The domestic battery charging cycle is 800 times, and the imported battery charging cycle is 1200 times, which is a clear advantage of imported batteries.


2. About the use of 18650 ternary lithium battery:


18650 ternary lithium battery It has no memory function, support with the use of the rush, do not wait until there is no electricity to charge, generally not recommended to charge less than 10%, diligent charge is right, because the electric scooter battery has been placed In the case, even if your electric scooter does not ride for a long time, you should charge it once every other time, because the battery will be damaged if the battery is over-discharged.


At present, many electric scooters on the market are equipped with anti-theft remote control. The anti-theft alarm remote control has been working all the time. It is working whether you turn it on or off, so it has been consuming electricity, so it is equipped with a remote-controlled burglar alarm. The car has a large capacity and there is no need to over-discharge the battery.