Skateboarding originated in the United States in the early 1960s and evolved from sea surfing.Compared to geographically and climate-constrained surfing, skateboarding clearly has more freedom than rigid forms. It requires skateboarders to use their imagination freely to create inspiration during the sport.Riding an electric scooter, rotating or jumping in a square, park, or road, making an electric scooter a fashionable leisure sport that combines entertainment and fitness.

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The head is an important human organ, so it is very important to protect the head during the taxiing. A quality-assured helmet protects you from major injuries.


The size and style of electric scooters vary, and many people use motorcycle gloves or gardening gloves instead. There is no fixed standard for electric scooter gloves. Just choose the non-slip gloves that fit your own size.

Kneepads and Bracers

Knee protectors and wrist protectors are the best companions. They can together protect you from joint damage while riding. Especially lightweight plastic knee pads are recommended.


Under normal circumstances, the vast majority of sports shoes are very suitable for skateboarding, try not to wear slippers or high heels riding electric scooters. The size of the shoes must match the size of your feet.