For those who like the convenience of life, you can't go wrong with an electric scooter. Electric scooters are a new form of product after the traditional skateboard. In big cities, traffic jams, haze and PM2.5 have become one of the top headaches for people. More and more people are beginning to pay attention to environmental protection, health, fast mobility tools, electric scooters with its energy saving, portable, environmental protection, easy to operate, fast and other advantages, in a variety of mobility tools to occupy a place. So, how to properly purchase electric scooters?

 1. Speed

Many people think that the speed of electric scooters is of course the faster the better, but in fact, it is not. Electric scooter as a kind of electric powered transportation, the best speed of electric scooter should be 20km/h. Less than this speed of electric scooter is difficult to play the role of actual walking, greater than this speed of electric scooter but will bring safety risks. In addition, according to national standards and scientific speed limit design, the rated speed of electric scooters should be around 20km/h. High-end electric scooters generally have a non-zero start device, non-zero start design, which means that you need to first use your foot to help on the ground to make the electric scooter move, and then hook the gas pedal to complete the start. Such a design is to prevent electric scooter novices from being unable to safely control the speed.

What factors do you need to consider before buying an electric scooter?

 2. Motor

Electric scooters generally use wheel motors. Hub motors are divided into solid hub motors and hollow hub motors. In the electric scooter this product above, because the electric scooter motor brake are on the rear wheel, so the electric scooter manufacturers may be based on this aspect of consideration, basically use solid tires.

 3. Anti-vibration ability

Electric scooter shock absorption is to make the electric scooter have a better riding experience when going through bumpy roads. Some electric scooters have built-in front and rear shock absorption systems. No, mainly by the electric scooter tires to shock absorption, air tires are better shock absorption, electric scooter solid tires are less effective compared to air tires, but the advantage is not burst tires, maintenance-free, electric scooter this point can be selected according to personal preference.

4. weight

Only the electric scooter volume as small as possible, the weight as light as possible, in order to facilitate the user in the bus and subway use. Especially for female users, the weight of electric scooters is particularly important. Many electric scooters have a folding function, which can be carried around after folding. This design should also be paid special attention when buying electric scooters, otherwise the electric scooters bought back may become idle items.